Communication security in an information age

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Posts

We read an interesting piece in the WSJ by Bruce Schneier today…

Why Obama Should Keep His BlackBerry – But Won’t

Schneier discusses the communication security measures Barack Obama’s lifestyle will have to undergo once he takes office. He brings up a great point in that the heightened security standards within the highest offices of government simply cannot keep up with the pace of openness in communication technology:

Until our CEOs blog, our Congressmen Twitter, and our world leaders send each other LOLcats – until we have a Presidential election where both candidates have a complete history on social networking sites from before they were teenagers– we aren’t fully an information age society.

What do you think? Will the office of President keep pace with American society’s expectations about communication security? This period we’re heading into, where there lies such a contrast between the security standards in the White House and the technological realities of everyday life, is guaranteed to be a fascinating struggle.

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