What we’re reading, week of 12/1

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Highlights

From Rational Survivability…
Beware the Transparent Proxy…Your Faith In VPNs Might Waiver
Christofer Hoff takes aim at IPSec VPNs by describing a scenario that could occur when connecting to a network remotely through a transparent proxy: “that SMTP session you thought was encrypted through your VPN back to the corporate mail server was actually sent in the clear.  In fact, it wasn’t even sent through your mail relay/server.”

From Zero Day…
I’m a PC and, yes, I love Vista
Guest editor Todd Hooper discusses the security advantages built into Vista and contrasts them with the widely-discussed performance drawbacks. What do you think? Are Vista’s security improvements substantial enough to warrant the many performance issues users have experienced? Or are both sides exaggerating the case a bit?

From Schneier on Security…
In two parts, Bruce Schneier discusses first the security lessons learned from the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and then what he considers the backward fear authorities are now spreading about communications (e.g. Twitter) during a terrorist attack.

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