what we’re reading, week of 1/26

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Highlights

Zero Day…
GPU-Accelerated Wi-Fi password cracking goes mainstream
With GPU-Accelerated password recovery attacks, WiFi networks are even more vulnerable. Can all this be avoided with user education and strong VPN policies?

From StillSecure, After all these Years…
Yearning for the good old days of NAC
Alan states worm outbreaks are not a valid reason for NAC anymore. He believes it has a more relevant mission. And once again, the definition of NAC has changed. Lawrence Oran from Gartner’s thinks the new definition should include “Evaluating the endpoint as it connects to the network. Those already connected, and implementing network access policies based on the state of the endpoint, the threat environment and user identity”.

Washington Post: Security Fix…
Obama Administration Outlines Cyber Security Strategy
Brian Krebs outlines Obama’s administration new cyber security goals. Krebs finds these new goals encouraging and looks forward to the change. Do you think the goals are attainable?

From Endpoint-Security Info…
Monster.com data breach disclosed
Another data breach… this time it’s Monster.com. Monster.com released a statement last Friday that it’s aware of the hack and has launched an investigation. Monster advises users to change their passwords.

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