what we’re reading, week of 3/16

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Highlights

From Tech Sanity Check…
Smartphone shakeout: Android and Windows Mobile could get squeezed
Jason Hiner outlines the smartphone market and analyzes the current market leaders. Jason also points out the intent to purchase are different between businesses and consumers, because there are more mobile OS systems to choose from than computer OS systems. Jason highlights the key aspects for business smartphone purchases—and security is definitely on the list.

From Lori MacVittie’s Blog…
Please fasten your seatbelts, there’s turbulence in that there cloud
Lori MacVittie argues that the cloud is not ready to replace your entire data center. There is a lack of policy enforcement, application/data access and rules enforcement on end-users. Also, the level of difficulty of enforcing SSL in a ‘small footprint’ way for end-devices is too much.

From ZDNet | Zero Day…
BBC botnet buy: What were they thinking?
Roel Schouwenberg, senior anti-virus researcher at Kaspersky Lab, did a guest blog post this week. Roel shares with us that a team within the technology department at the BBC bought a botnet as an experiment, and self-spammed themselves and DDoS-ed. Roel not only expresses his thoughts on this situation, but also his frustration in this post.

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