what we’re reading, week of 4/13

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Highlights

From RSA Conference| Security Blogger Meetup…
Yes, Virginia, there is a security community on Twitter
Jennifer Leggio, from ZDNet, discusses the security community boom, especially with Twitter. She also provides some helpful tips for vendors and companies. Follow us on Twitter— @VPNHaus

From Inside InfoWorld…
Will Windows 7 be panned by enterprise IT?
A recent survey done by Kace, a Systems Management Appliance company, reports that 84% of IT pros have no plans to deploy Windows 7 in the next year. Many are saying W7 is shaping up to be similar to Windows Vista—thoughts on this?

From NP-Incomplete…
85% to 95% of all e-mail is spam? Yeah, that makes sense.
Adam O’Donnell, who has recently left Zero Day|ZDNet, gives an explanation of why 9 out of every 10 e-mails is spam. Spammers want to be heard—since filters are stronger today than it was some years ago, spammers mutating their content and sending spam from more locations.

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