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Posted: June 4, 2009 in Highlights

Andrew Hay…
Response to “Defense in the Deep End”
Justin Foster lays out his selection of technology in a large-scale hypothetical situation. Among other options, he selected firewalls to be deployed across the board (perimeter, desktops, laptops and servers). Andrew Hay responded Justin’s post and points out that people will need to connect to business for quick tasks, and that VPNs are not going away because these tasks will require VPN solutions.

Endpoint Security.info…
Second Hand Hard Drive with Missile Defense Data
Researchers from the University of Glamorgan in Scotland are doing a five-year study aimed to show the dangers of poor hard drive and device data-wiping and disposal practices (this study is still on-going). During their research, they purchased second-hand computers, and found the hard drives contained details of test-launch procedures for a U.S. defense missile. To read more about this check out Dark Reading and the BBCs articles.

Around the Blogosphere…
Last Friday, President Obama announced he is creating the position of cyber security coordinator to oversee “a new comprehensive approach to securing America’s digital infrastructure”. In conjunction with Obama’s announcement, the White House today released its Cyberspace Policy Review. Here are two opinions on the announcement.

Security Fix | The Washington Post
Obama: Cyber Security is a National Security Priority
Brian Krebs gives readers a thorough report on the President’s announcement. Good read to catch up on the announcement.

Schneier on Security
Obama’s Cybersecurity Speech
While Bruce believes the President is in the right direction with security, he does raise some insightful points about the plan—such as education, security decisions and coordination.

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