what we’re reading, week of 6/29

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Highlights

The VAR Guy…
Are you really A VAR?
Differentiating between resellers, VARs and partners, blogger Heather Margolis argues that in today’s industry, the positions of partners and VARs have blended, making the term reseller an insult. Recently, many partners have been promoting themselves as VARs when in actuality they are a reseller. Heather asks vendors if they have seen different opportunities for both, and if partners are differentiating themselves? Let us know your thoughts on this issue.

Detecting MITM/Hacking Proxies Via SSL
Robert lists several ways to handle man in the middle attacks and hacking proxies through a SSL connection. Focusing on a Website, he looks at the scenario of the user coming in using a hacking proxy. If the user claims to be one of the common standard browsers, the techniques Robert provides should work, although he suggests testing the techniques before deploying.

Branden Williams’ Security Convergence Blog…
Guest Post: The IT forecast – Cloud-y with a 10% Chance of Effective Security
Guest blogger, Fred Langston, Sr. Product Manager for VeriSign’s Global Security Consulting group discusses the cons of security within the cloud. Reminding us of the risks associated with cloud adoption, Robert holds the Cloud services vendor (who’s running the security infrastructure) to the same standards of the MSSP.

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