Do you have a King Kong VPN client?

Posted: August 4, 2009 in 64-Bit, Endpoint Management, Posts, Windows 7

Can your 64-bit VPN client meet the enterprise challenge? Take King Kong – a single person brought him to the base of the Enterprise State Building but it was his inherent strength and stability that allowed him to conquer. Apes are not our passion; scalable VPN clients drive us.

We know about Cisco moving to SSL and Microsoft pushing IPSec through Windows 7 and their server. 64-bit VPN users were being left out in the cold until NCP and a few freeware alternatives came along.

The connection to the King of Apes? Ability to take on tough challenges (read: scale the enterprise). Central policy control, NAC enforcement, change management and technical support are what drive an enterprise VPN client choice. 64-bit systems are here to stay and companies need VPN (and vendor) support that can conquer the tough enterprise problems.

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