Notes from the Road: VPN in action

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Posts, Rethink Remote Access

Over the next week and a half, NCP’s own René Poot will travel cross country spreading secure VPN wherever he stops. New York City is his first stop, working on a proof of concept (POC) for a top five equity firm.

The scenario? Cisco concentrators that leave gaps in coverage, preventing Windows 7 and 64-bit PC adoption and influencing VPN policy rather than molding to an ideal policy.

The POC? Layer NCP’s Enterprise Solution on top of existing Cisco gear (ahhh, the benefits of an all-software VPN system!) and support both Windows 7 and 64-bit PC users across the US, EMEA and AsiaPacific regions. The client’s integrated firewall and the administrator model that controls the whole system is interesting to them — coupled with the ‘intelligence’ of the client to dynamically detect which network interface’s are connected and identify if the network is a friend/foe, and then apply the according ruleset to that interface.

More tomorrow when René visits OH for the next POC install.

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