what we’re reading, week of 8/3

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Highlights

Schneier on Security…
Security vs. Usability
Using an excerpt from Don Norman’s essay that will appear in Interactions’ next issue, Bruce Schneier sparks some great debate on security vs. usability. The more secure you make something, the less secure it becomes. What are your views on this statement? You may read Don’s article here, which will appear in September/October issue.

IT Blog Watch | ComputerWorld…
OMG! Windows 7 release date canceled! (Not.)
Richi Jennings captures the blogosphere’s reactions to the newly publicized rumor that a ‘bug’ was identified in the Windows 7 RTM code. Supposedly, Microsoft had to halt production. However, this is in fact false and there is no need to worry.

Andy IT Guy…
Measuring Security Professionals Performance
Andy ponders the thoughts of analyst Pete Lindstrom’s and the ability to measure security professional’s performance. Andy believes the problem isn’t the ability to measure performance but determining what will be used to measure it. In this post, Andy suggests a process and notes the unexpected variables that can occur. This great read for all security professionals.

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