what we’re reading, week of 8/17

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Highlights

National Cyber Security…
Online Traveler: Safe surfing while on the road
During these summer months, writer Fritz Faerber shares with some security tips for surfing the Internet while on vacation. Beginning the article with an unfortunate story about an indivdual’s identity theft, Fritz stresses that VPNs are the best way to protect one’s self from a security hack.

Tech Sanity Check …
Majority of CIOs still reject the iPhone, but resistance is weakening
Jason Hiner reports on a recent TechRepublic poll which asks a group of U.S. IT leaders, “Does your IT department support the iPhone as an approved device?”. Since the iPhone has been launched many business dismissed the idea due to security risks. While the majority of IT managers still don’t support the iPhone, 42% do. In Jason’s article, he includes commentary from the CIOs who participated in the poll. Check out the next highlight for more information about the iPhone’s security.

Apple Needs to Get Serious About iPhone Security
In relation to the highlight above, Blogger Andrew Storms, presents the potential security risks iPhones can pose in an enterprise setting. Andrew believes Apple prioritizes usability and features over security. Before it can truly enter the business world, Apple needs to step up its security game and prevent hacks.

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