What We’re Reading, Week of 1/18

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Highlights

Insecure about Security…
Approximately Half of All Organizations Will Increase Security and Networking Spending in 2010
In this post, John Olstik says that nearly half of all mid-market (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise (1,000 employees or more) companies will increase their spending on network hardware in 2010. Their top priorities will include WLAN, IP telephony, and WAN optimization. 48 percent of mid-market organization will increase their spending on information security technologies while 61 percent of enterprises will increase their spending on information technologies. Their top priorities are network security, endpoint security, and messaging/web security. John says 2010 will be “a good year for vendors to re-engage with customers, build long-term partnerships, and help them move beyond the Status Quo.”

IT Business Edge…
Evaluate Technologies with Remote Access in Mind

This post by Paul Mah discusses the new research from collaboration firm oneDrum, showing that many workers find themselves unable to work from home despite the fact that they are willing to do so. According to the survey, 61 percent of employees never work from home, even though 72 percent of SMBs allow it. One main reason for this was that work documents were not accessible outside of the office. Paul suggests that businesses gradually move toward teleworking, which can be achieved by evaluating new technologies with an eye toward facilitating it. Also, see our series of posts on how to rethink remote access.

The Security Catalyst…
Security from Scratch: Getting the Lay of the Land
Dennis Kurtz says that when building Security from Scratch, the challenge is in understanding the situation from the start. Once the team is identified/assembled, the focus shifts rapidly to getting a handle on the security posture of the organization. These are the areas Dennis considers his tactical review to understand what challenges lie ahead and to form a plan of action: Information Security Policy, Network/Perimeter Security Posture, SDLC Security Policies/Procedures/Practices and Applicable Compliance Requirements, Security Awareness. When checking for Network/Perimeter Security Posture,  Dennis recommends finding out if  remote access allowed and if so, how – VPN, SSH, nothing?

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