What We’re Reading, Week of 2/8

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Highlights

Endpoint Security Info…
Endpoint Security: Playing it Smart
This post discusses that effective security is about playing it smart, which involves seeing what could happen and preventing it.  If devices such as iPods, USB sticks, netbooks, smartphones, and cameras, are helping you work better and making your life easier, then you should be using them. The idea is to know what threats they pose and how to prevent them.  One way to increase safety is to use a VPN client.

Washington Business Journal Blog…
Technology Delivers New Challenges for Snow Days
In this post, Jennifer Nycz-Conner discusses that in the past if there was a snow day it meant having a day off, but that has changed now that telecommuting is an option. People are expected to work, and be just as productive as they would be in the office. The ability to work remotely is great during emergencies such as snowstorms, especially when you can plan in advance. For anyone who does take advantage of telecommuting, we recommend connecting to your company’s network through a secure VPN.

Insecure about Security…
People May Be the Weakest Link in the Server Virtualization Chain
Jon Oltsik discusses a recent webinar on virtualization he participated in along with Extreme Networks and Microsoft. The 113 audience members were asked two polling questions. The first question was which of the following factors is holding your organization back from using server virtualization more prominently throughout the enterprise? 42% said lack of virtualization skills/knowledge within IT. The second question was, as you move forward with virtualization, which of the following IT groups need to become more educated and involved in the project? 72% said networking group, 52& said server group, and 45% said security/compliance group.

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