What We’re Reading, Week of 2/22

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Highlights

Cloud VPN Services Can Take the Bite Out of SSL VPN Gateway Expenses
Jessica Scarpati says that while the cloud is a big leap for network engineers, cloud VPN services are popping up and may be a fit for enterprises that can’t afford or can’t properly maintain an expensive global remote access infrastructure. End users traveling overseas and trying to gain access to the enterprise’s SSL VPN gateway at corporate headquarters are frustrated with an inconsistent VPN. Organizations will need a VPN they can rely on and eventually may turn to a cloud VPN service.

Insecure about Security…
What Will be Hot at RSA 2010?
Jon Oltisk discusses his predictions for what the hot topics at this year’s RSA Conference will be. Network security will be a major topic, especially since ESG’s research indicates that this is the biggest security priority for most large organizations. Endpoint security, identity management, cloud security, data security, and cybersecurity will also be focused on.

RSAC 2010 Guide: Network Security
Mike Rothman put together a guide for what we can expect to see from network security at next week’s RSA Conference. The four main areas of interest for network security include application awareness, the ability of devices to decode and protect against application layer attacks. Speeds and feeds, which may come down to who has the biggest and fastest box. Many organizations’ perimeter networks are messes so they will be looking at consolidation and integration. With the understanding that some classes of attacks cannot be detected in advance, forensics and full packet capture gear will also be high profile at this year’s show.

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