What We’re Reading, Week of 3/1

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Highlights

Tech News World…
Does VPN Make Sense for a Small Biz?
Jack Germain discusses how enterprises use virtual private networks to send and receive sensitive info over the Web. Smaller businesses often don’t have the IT resources needed to set up and maintain a VPN and some pricing models on VPN products ignore the needs of SMBs. This article offers 10 steps to follow that help ensure your CRM implementation is a success from the planning stages to post-deployment improvements.

Does your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Really Make it More Vulnerable to Thieves?
Eric Lai says that many newer laptops have a set time—sometimes up to 30 minutes, before they go into sleep mode. This window of opportunity helps thieves at offices or shopping mall parking lots looking for corporate laptops to steal immediately after work. WiFi can add risk to using a laptop, but users can play it safe by keeping their laptop set to go to sleep on lid closure, making sure they uncheck the Internet Connection Sharing box in Windows and are careful about fiddling with the Power Manager features in their laptops.

RSA Conference 2010: News, Interviews and Updates
The RSA Conference is a valuable resource in staying educated on the latest advances, threats and emerging trends in the information security industry. Couldn’t attend the conference this year? Check out Mike Mimoso‘s wrap up coverage—great recaps!

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