What We’re Reading, Week of 3/8

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Highlights

Gartner Blog…
Lawrence Orans Guest Post: NAC Panel at RSA Conference
Lawrence Orans shares some highlights from a panel outlining the best practices for NAC that he moderated at the RSA Conference. Session attendees asked questions about choosing EAP methods, handling exceptions (non-802.1X-capable endpoints) and troubleshooting failed authentications. Lawrence says his main takeaway from the session is that the industry still needs to step up and provide solutions that ease the deployment and the manageability of 802.1X.

Network Security Blog…
The Network Security Podcast, Episode 188
This week’s Network Security podcast discusses the latest security news and gives a recap of the RSA Conference, including Martin McKeay’s panel on disclosure.

eSecurity Planet…
Top Ten WiFi Security Threats
This contributed article from Lisa Phifer looks at the top ten threats when using WiFi. They include data interception, denial of service, rogue APs, wireless intruders, misconfigured APs, ad hocs and soft APs, misbehaving clients, endpoint attacks, evil twin APs and wireless phishing. To stay protected, make sure to route all hotspot traffic, even public, through a trusted, authenticated VPN gateway.

The Ashimmy Blog…
If the Security Industry Cannot Give You 100% Protection, Is It a FAIL?
This post discusses a recent Robert McMillan article that says, despite billions of dollars in security spending, it’s still surprisingly hard to keep corporate networks safe. Alan says security is about managing risk; although you can never eliminate the risk, you can make it less likely to occur. Good security is about having process and procedures in place, including incident response. It’s important to be able to handle an incident when it occurs, in addition to trying to prevent it.

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