What We’re Reading, Week of 3/15

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Highlights

Agency Insider Blog…
Who’s Breaking the Rules on Your Staff?
Linda McGlasson looks at a poll that shows more than one in 10 U.S. employees says they’ve known they were violating policies put in place by their company’s IT departments, but violated them anyway to get their work done. Linda says that technology plays a part in detecting policy-breakers and evaders; compliance tools are needed to make sure employees are following the rules. Without them, organizations face breaches and the possible loss of data, which can lead to major problems for the company.

IT Business Edge…
Password Management: What Employees Should Know
Paul Mah offers five aspects of good password management that employees need to know. The password cannot be too short or else it will be compromised very quickly. Avoid reusing passwords between personal and work accounts and know that IT staff will never ask for your password. Employees are welcome to change a password at any time and should do so often. With employees increasingly accessing their work accounts from remote locations, users need to be educated on the necessity of changing their passwords regularly.

NAC Appliance Combats Unwitting Insider Threats from Infected Devices
This article by Jessica Scarpati discusses what can happen if a user is causing attacks within their own network, whether it’s malicious or accidental. After dealing with an employee whose personal laptop infected the network, a northern California credit union is using a network access control (NAC) appliance to prevent insider threats. The company says they haven’t suffered any more breaches with the NAC appliances. They keep systems administrators busy with alerts, letting them know if an endpoint doesn’t have the latest Windows security patch so the company can make sure they meet compliance standards.

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