What We’re Reading, Week of 3/29

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Highlights

Insecure about Security…
Network Security Renaissance
Jon Oltsik looks at ESG’s recent research, showing that network security spending will be a focus area for 2010. Nearly half of midsized and enterprise organizations will invest in network security technologies such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, gateways and threat management solutions. Jon says this network security renaissance is taking place because of equipment consolidation, network upgrades, integrated security and new threats.

Channel Pro…
Security Appliance Market Set to Bounce Back, says IDC
Analysts at IDC expect the security appliance market to fully rebound in 2010. The firewall, UTM, IPS, content management and VPN markets are all set to increase. As for VPN appliances, they believe that with the increasing number of remote workers, heightened threats and pandemic fear, the VPN market has strong potential to grow in the years to come.

Information Security…
Removable Storage Devices Endpoint Security and Control
This contributed article from Lisa Phifer discusses how thumb drives, removable memory cards and smartphones often carry business data without IT permission, oversight or protection against loss or theft. These convenient portable storage devices can jeopardize gigabytes of sensitive information. Lisa offers some tips on effective data protection strategies for enterprises.

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