Major Cities Fall Short on Enabling Secure Remote Access

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Mobile, Rethink Remote Access, Uncategorized
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According to a new survey of 4,500 information workers,many companies are failing to enable their workforce with secure remote access. The Microsoft survey found that many companies in major cities — including San Francisco and Los Angeles — haven’t properly considered the devastating impact a security breach could have on their business.  Here are three cities CIO Magazine called out for poor telecommuting security practices –in addition to our take.

San Francisco – “But when it comes to businesses using secure, internal networks to collaborate with third parties like vendors and customers, San Fran is below average.” Our take: As one of the largest tech hubs in the world, we expect more from San Francisco. We know telecommuting is especially popular in San Francisco – and often a cost saving move for startups – but the cost for protecting your intellectual property is minor, compared to losing your invention.

Philadelphia– “The City of Brotherly Love is also below the national average for using secure, internal networks for collaborating among employees and customers.”  Our take: Using secure access is especially important when working with third-parties, like customers and other vendors. We recommend provisioning as way to give customers access to data they need, without putting other data at risk.

Los Angeles – “LA businesses were dead last when it comes to using secure, internal networking tools for worker collaboration and also ranks lowest in providing tech support to remote workers. ” The City of Angels has long been known as the glamorous epicenter of entertainment, but its growing tech sector is greatly diversifying its economic profile. On top of this, Los Angeles businesses – like hospitals – have previously come under fire when celebrity health records were improperly accessed. Considering this, we recommend Los Angeles make secure access a star. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Readers, do you think your city embraces secure telecommuting? Let us know.

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