Conversation on VPNs with Thomas Desmet, president and CEO of Mosaic Technology, Part 1

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Expert Q&A

VPN Haus: What kind of demand do you see for VPNs or other remote access tools?

Thomas Desmet: At Mosaic, VPNs are incredibly useful for our mobile workforce. Our sales team is always on the road. We have remote workers around the country and VPNs allow them to connect to Mosaic’s database at anytime, anywhere – and most importantly, it allows them to do this securely. Using our VPN, the team can leverage our internal sales tool such as quoting applications and contact database. That means the sales team doesn’t have to wait to be in physically in a Mosaic office to provide customers with the information they need and it allows me a holistic and real-time view of our business activity. We also harness a VPN to connect our West Coast and East Coast locations. That is critical for any business with multiple locations.

VPN Haus:  Are more customers asking for IPsec given the attention to IPv6 recently? Is IPv6 playing a role in the types of technology customers are asking for?

Desmet: First a little background on IPv6. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) established IPv6 to address the main problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv4 allows for approximately 4.3 billion addresses, which given the explosion in connected devices is no longer sufficient. IPv6 has a very large address space and consists of 128 bits as compared to 32 bits in IPv4.

Even with all the attention and future need for IPv6 – we haven’t seen a shift back toward IPsec VPNs and client software programs. Many of the SSL VPN solutions today do allow for IPv6. The need for IPv6 underscores how important mobility is in today’s workforce. We are no longer tied to our desks and wired devices. It is a mobile and connected world, which makes SSL VPN even more useful.



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