Conversation on VPNs with Thomas Desmet, president and CEO of Mosaic Technology, Part 2

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Expert Q&A

VPN Haus: What vertical industries are asking for tools to secure mobile devices or remote access? I would think healthcare would be big on this list.

Desmet: That’s a great question. Without question, security and mobility go hand-in-hand with healthcare. As medical practices advance, technology is enabling us to receive even better treatment. For a doctor, being able to access a patient’s medical record no matter where their primary physician is located means that they not only have access to complete information, but can quickly offer a diagnoses. It goes without saying that security is very important here.

Mosaic also does a lot of work with higher education. Universities tend to have users that are very technology savvy and mobile. Students and professors need access to their personalized information no matter where they are within the university campus. For example, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy deployed a virtualized architecture that enable students to access their profile no matter what campus they on. Connecting campuses, securely, is table stakes for higher education environments.

VPN Haus: What trends are you noticing in demand for remote access tools?

Desmet: The tremendous growth in connected devices is driving IT organizations to keep pace with new programs and tools. Virtualized architectures are a big piece of that equation. In the last 6-months, nearly 70% of our business is from organizations leveraging a virtualized architecture. Our 15 year expertise in the IT industry means that we are taking on more of a partnership role with our customers and they sort through the options for remote access.

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