Making the Case for Remote Access Security Policies

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Industry Commentary, IT policy
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By Joe Schembri

We all know that having remote access is good idea in today’s mobile work environment, but too often organizations overlook the importance of creating a policy around remote access. Rather, it’s assumed that employees take proper precautions and not create any security nightmare for IT.  Unfortunately, this seldom works, especially because in the rush for meeting deadlines, employees often put their work priorities ahead of security. Developing a remote access security policy is the best solution to making sure that convenience and security issues are met.

Having security policies in place will help IT professionals to carefully integrate personal and company equipment and know which employees can take advantage of remote access and which can cannot.  For instance, workers who need access to medical or educational records may not be eligible to access data remotely due to federal laws about protecting the information they need.  Other workers, especially those who are part of a dispersed team, may need access. In each of these cases, IT professionals need to diligently create, plan and maintain IT security standards and systems.

Realistically, workers want to have access to their work wherever they are and want to be able to connect through their own personal equipment at times – whether that is a smartphone or an iPad.  For IT professionals, trying to make sure that the explosion in growth of remote device access matches the security that is needed can be a challenge.  While every worker  wants to be able to quickly login remotely and access their data, the reality is that the easier it is for them to login, the easier it is for hackers to intercept the login and cause havoc for the company. Ultimately, the best way to guard against this is with a formalized policy.

Next time, stay tuned for a complete check-list of remote access must-haves.

Joe Schembri has over 10 years of IT and IT security experience and currently works with Villanova University’s online IT security training program,s including the CISSP certification prep program.


  1. NECS Corp says:

    It seems apparent that by enhancing security policies with regard to remote access that it would appeal to more business professionals. Thanks for bringing this issue up.

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