Readers’ Poll: Do the Risks Associated with BYOD Overshadow the Benefits?

Posted: October 5, 2012 in IT policy, Readers' Poll
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In April, we asked about the personal devices that are most likely to be used for work. From that poll, we learned that one-third of our readers are well-immersed in the BYOD movement and use two or more of their personal devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets) for work. Less than 10% reported using none of their own devices for work.

Today, as Interop New York winds down, Network World has reported BYOD was deemed the top security challenge at the conference. Many employees enjoy the flexibility afforded by BYOD, but it continues to be a headache for CIOs everywhere. So, what we want to know how you feel about the pros and cons of BYOD. Are the benefits overshadowed by the risks? As always, please elaborate on your responses in the comments.

  1. […] indicated by your feedback in several of our polls, and as highlighted at Interop New York, more and more users are opting to access […]

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