Automated Mobile Security, Part 3

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Mobile, Rethink Remote Access, SSL
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The following is the third post in a series of excerpts from NCP engineering‘s technical white paper, Automated Mobile Security: Leveraging Trusted Network Connect (TNC) IF-MAP to provide automated security for company networks and mobile devices. Part one of the series can be found here; part two of the series can be found here.


The ESUKOM research project aims at leveraging IF-MAP to provide security in mobile device environments. The project will bring IF-MAP support to several key open source products like Snort (intrusion detection), IPtables (firewall), Nagios, FreeRADIUS and ISC DHCP server, to the products of two commercial vendors: NCP engineering (VPN software) and Mikado Soft (NAC solution) and provide an IF-MAP Android client. With this diversity of IF-MAP enabled components, we try to provide example configurations for eight key features, which are the ultimate goal of this research project.

More information about this project can be found at

Now that ESUKOM has been explained, stay tuned for the next post that will explain Realtime Enforcement Using IF-MAP. Also, for more information on the ESUKOM research project and NCP engineering’s role within it, see our three-part Q&A on the topic here.

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