NCP engineering Adds Windows 8 Compatibility to New Version of IPsec VPN Entry and Juniper Clients

Posted: January 18, 2013 in VPN
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As new mobile devices and operating systems (OS) are released, mobile workers need to know that their secure remote access solutions are equipped to support them.

Given the headaches associated with OS upgrades, such as transitioning to Windows 8, any way to alleviate concerns and mitigate financial burdens is music to the ears of enterprises and end users alike.

Entry ClientRecognizing this, NCP has released a new version of the Entry and Juniper Editions of its IPsec VPN client software. Version 9.31 is now fully compatible with Windows 8 (32-/64-bit). By supporting Windows 8, the VPN clients help to maximize enterprises’ remote access investments when upgrading from an older OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

So what exactly is different about the new software? The way that users configure the mobile access point from which they access the Internet, for one. Up to this point, users were required to manually tweak the Access Point Name (APN) settings of their mobile devices whenever they switched out SIM cards from oneJuniper Client mobile network operator to the next. With the new NCP Secure Clients, however, a new feature has been introduced that eliminates this tedious task by automatically prompting the driver to search for, and configure, the APN via the NetID of the SIM card. This new capability, in conjunction with pre-existing public key infrastructure (PKI), one-time password and token/certificate support, a dynamic firewall, an Internet dialer/connector and seamless roaming functionality, makes for powerful IPsec VPN software.

With more of today’s workforce becoming mobilized, the Entry and Juniper editions of the NCP Secure Client ensure that secure remote access is one less thing for businesses to worry about. Interested in viewing the official announcement? Check out the full press release here.

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