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Today, we join Joe the CIO as he ponders technology investment costs. In particular, Joe can’t help but wonder if there are some expenses related to a recent remote access project that he overlooked — or worse, ignored. This predicament might sound familiar to anyone who oversees technology purchasing. In fact, many don’t realize the majority of accrued expenses pertain to operations and personnel, not hardware and software investments. In Joe’s case, realizing this helped him optimize and ensure the efficiency of his remote access technology, with help from NCP engineering. Want to learn how? Check out this video.

We continue to join Joe the CIO on his hunt for ways to save his company both time and money in enabling remote access. In particular, Joe is concerned about costly rip and repair projects his company would have to undergo in order to efficiently provision and configure each VPN client needed — not to mention future software and security updates. The VPN management system provided by NCP engineering helps ease Joe’s worries. To learn more, check out this video.

You might remember Joe the CIO, the paper CIO who is searching for ways to provide secure and efficient remote access to his company. When we last saw Joe, he was tackling remote access issues related to the cloud. Now he’s back, and this time, looking for a VPN solution that would enable his company’s employees to access the corporate network no matter their location or device. Plus, he needs this technology to integrate with his organization’s existing security infrastructure. Check out today’s video for more on what Joe’s looking for in a VPN and how NCP engineering helped him find the ideal solution.

We recently introduced Joe the CIO as he navigated the world of remote access. Now Joe is on another adventure, this time tackling complex remote access issues in the cloud. As a network administrator of a large company, Joe has to tend to various remote access VPN tasks, a growing data center, and rising labor costs. Additionally, his company’s new operating system must  be implemented, adding to the complexity of his workload. Check out this video to find out how Joe handles all of these demands with remote access out of the cloud.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joe the CIO. On paper, Joe might seem like your average cut-out, but there is far more to him than that. He takes on the frustrations that nearly all CIOs face when enabling secure remote access for their organizations — and solves these challenges, so hopefully they won’t have to. This is the first in a series of videos featuring Joe as he navigates through the tricky world of remote access.

So tell us, can you relate to Joe? What are your most vexing remote access challenges?