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This is part two in our Q&A series on SSL VPNs. Earlier this week, we shared insight from Rainer Enders, CTO, Americas at NCP engineering, on the inception of SSL VPN and its key differentiators.

Q: What are the core strengths of SSL VPN, and when might enterprises choose to go with this protocol over IPsec VPN?

Joerg Hirschmann: The pre-installed, SSL approach is ideal for situations in which one doesn’t require transparent connections for secure remote access. For instance, SSL VPN is an optimal solution when enterprises must grant limited access to external associates or partners needing connections only to specific applications (e.g. web-based) or administrative access to specific machines through RDP or SSH sessions. However, the ideal secure remote access solution takes a hybrid approach combining the strengths of both SSL and IPsec.

Q: What about choosing to go with software solutions versus hardware appliances?

Joerg Hirschmann: A software solution is the ideal fit for a virtualized central environment, whereas appliances are usually a better fit in branch offices or a smaller environment without virtualization in place.

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 Joerg Hirschmann is CTO at NCP engineering GmbH

Great news! NCP engineering is proud to announce that it has been named a finalist in the Best IPSec/ SSL VPN category of the renowned 2013 SC Magazine Reader Trust Awards  for the second consecutive year! SC Mag

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management  3.0 solution was recognized by the SC Magazine’s tech-savvy audience for providing unparalleled security and flexibility to enterprises.  As a bit of background on the product, the NCP SEM 3.0 system significantly reduces a company’s risk profile related to complex or badly-managed technology. With the new SEM, one administrator is able to centrally support 10,000+ secure remote users through all phases, and update rule-sets based on individual users’ devices and network connections.

Built around the all-new NCP Advanced Authentication, the NCP SEM 3.0 elevates the security of the entire NCP Secure Enterprise Solution, which is also comprised of a VPN client suite, hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN serverand the remote access VPN management system. The NCP Advanced Authentication eliminates the need for third-party solutions by enabling Two-Factor Authentication with a One-Time Password that users receive via SMS.

This is another notch on NCP’s growing belt of commendations, as NCP was recently granted Gold in the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards and last year was distinguished with the Network Products Guide’s 2012 Hot Companies and Best Product Awards and the Info Security Product Guide’s 2012 Global Excellence Awards.