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A little while back, we began a series of “get to know you” polls in an effort to better shape our content. In a June poll, we asked about your positions within your organizations, with results showing an even split between IT and marketing, with sales also being a popular answer. We found the results quite interesting, and they led us to wonder – in what industry vertical do you work that makes remote access and network security of interest? As always, feel free to elaborate in the comments.

This week, we rejoined Joe the (paper) CIO on his quest to find the most thorough, cost-efficient way to secure his company’s corporate network. Now, we’d like to know more about your experience doing the same. Is your company doing enough to keep its information safe? Let us know how you feel in today’s poll – and  as always, please feel free to elaborate in the comments section. Also, stay tuned next week for more Joe!

With the Windows 8 release date set for Oct. 26, we’re curious to know who plans to upgrade to the buzzed-about new operating system. For those upgrading, feel free to let us know in the comments whether you’ll be upgrading your personal or corporate PCs — or both!

We‘re excited to launch a new feature, the VPN Haus Readers’ Poll. Every few weeks, we’ll pose a remote access/VPN-related question and welcome your thoughts on it. Today’s poll invites IT administrators to tell us their biggest gripe with remote access projects. We appreciate your participation and look forward to any comments you might have. If you have any poll ideas, drop us a line at